Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Flashback...where did she go?

So I was scrolling through my "favorites" list and I came across the blog I kept 3 years ago. I was still married back then, and apparently so much more clever and vibrant. *sigh* 2007 really sucked the fun right out of me (I told 2007 it could kiss my ass when I met 2008!). Buuuuut, I have hope that the silly, carefree girl I once was is still alive somewhere within me and kicking to be let out........for those of who who don't believe that this seemingly Eyore/ Eore/ Eyor (??) was once a Roo, check out the blog yourself: Sweet Imbacilities

Reading it made me want to like me again...........what happened??


msduv said...

Oh wow, reading back over some of your blogs takes me back a couple years to my new found....single mom status. I feel your struggles girl...I remember....and still struggle with some myself from time to time. I will be keeping a check on your posts and would enjoy hearing from you on occasion to see how you are making it. You know we 30 something, single mom, English teacher types need to stick together. = )

Momma C said...

Fo sho!