Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Milestone Mania

Maysie is now 4 1/2 months old! She is growing and changing so fast I can hardly keep up. A few weeks ago she rolled over for the first time; now she is always practicing her new trick. She can't quite roll back yet, but I'm sure that's not far behind. She has also been a faucet constantly chomping on those fingers or whatever dares to get close enough to her mouth or in her death grip. No teeth yet, but I expect one or two within a few weeks! I started her on solid foods about two weeks ago. Like her mom, she eats like a champ! She'll open her little baby bird mouth so wide; it's adorable! So far she's eaten sweet potatoes, applesauce, green beans, peas, and rice cereal, and she likes them all. Just recently, she has begun to cry when she notices that I leave the room without her. Maybe on these particular instances she was tired and wanted me, or hungry......it's sweet in a way, but worrisome at the same time knowing that in September she'll be going back to day care. My mom has been keeping her for the last 6 weeks, so she has been getting one on one attention. Mom and I both have been good about allowing her some time to amuse herself while we do chores nearby, but I worry that adjusting to new faces who are not able to provide as much entertainment will be stressful to her. By that time, though, she will be nearly six months old and hopefully sitting up on her own. She'll have new toys to play with and friends to interact with, so maybe it won't be as bad as I fear. Only time will tell I suppose.
Here are a few new pics to enjoy!

Mmmmm....sweeeeet potatoooooes!

Showing some interest in her excersaucer. Oh the cheeks! How I love to chomp them!!

Chillin' out with Poppy!


Summer of Peace

Last Friday, I ended my stint as a teacher's aide at the Peace Kids Learning Center. I took a ton of pics of the sweet littles that I grew to love. There were many that I would have put in my pocket and taken home in an instant, but also a few that I enjoyed loving on there, but was happy when I went home- without them. Here are a few angel faces!This little cutie pie grew quite attached to me in the last few weeks I was there. She always wanted to hold my hand, sit on my lap, sit next to me, talk to me during nap time.......when I would ask the class if anyone had to go potty, she would always ask, "Are you taking us?"- she always had to go potty when I took the group! I'll miss her!

The one in orange was my new boyfriend for a few days! He's a smart kid!
I Love this little fella! I tried to fit him in my pocket a few times. This photo is great because it totally embodies his perpetual state of smileyness......what a cutie!!

Another one of my boyfriends. On this day, he decided he wasn't going to play, instead he wanted to just sit in the middle of the floor while the world around him rode bike, ran wild and had fun.

The slide was quite the popular ride when we walked to the park next door, or as I liked to call it- the static electricity tunnel. The children would arrive at the bottom with their hair absolutely on end and want me to catch them.....ZAP!!